New Australian PM Backs Internet Filter

Any hopes that a new Prime Minister might mean that plans for an Australian Internet filter would not be enacted are fading as PM Julia Gillard has indicated that the censorship initiative will move forward.

Speaking to ABC Radio, as reported by The Age, Gillard stated, “Images of child abuse, child pornography – they are not legal in our cinemas.” She continued, “Should you be able to see them on the internet? I think that that’s the kind of moral, ethical question at the heart of this.”

Filter critic Mark Newton, a network engineer, reacted to Gillard’s statement by stating, “I call on Julia Gillard to spend a little bit more time listening to the policy’s critics, instead of dismissing them with silly throwaway lines about child pornography.”

The Christian group FamilyVoice however was “delighted” with Gillard’s stance. A spokesperson added, “… why should you treat the internet differently from any form of communications like films and books and so on.”

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