Forget Violent Games, What About Violent Theme Park Attractions?

After the Supreme Court rules on Schwarzenegger v. EMA later (presumably) this year, if the law is upheld, what could that mean for the regulation of other types of media, such as violent theme park attractions for example?

This is the tack a Technology Liberation Front story takes, applying the argument to, funny enough, a Universal Studios attraction based on Terminator 2, which author took his eight and five year old on. He describes the entertainment:

… it was a surprisingly intense and seriously violent experience. The show features cinematic action combined with real-life actors who run throughout the arena firing shotguns at cybernetic robots that come out of the walls or floors.  During some segments of the show, water sprays the audience, smoke fills the chamber, and the seats and floors vibrate violently as battles take place on stage and on-screen. The actor hosting the show is also choked to death by a cyborg!

The Governator himself filmed scenes for Terminator 2: 3D, to which kids are admitted “without restriction,” causing the author to ask:

If Gov. Schwarzenegger — or any other lawmaker for that matter — would regulate “violent” video games on the grounds that the experience is too intense and damaging for kids psychologically, then why not regulate theme park attractions on similar grounds?

He sums up:

In my opinion, it is up to parents — not the government — to determine what games, movies, music, books, magazines, and theme park attractions that kids get to see, hear, and experience.

The author’s kids “loved” the Terminator 2: 3D experience by the way, and he reports that they have yet to become “murderous thugs or social degenerates” after the experience.

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