JJGames: Used Games Market Worth $2 Billion

Denver-based used games retailer JJGames calculates that the used games business is worth about $2 billion USD. With all the talk of big publishers trying to find new ways to monetize a market dominated by the likes of GameStop, it is pretty interesting that new game sales for various platforms including PC are $20.2 billion USD, according to NPD Group figures for 2009.

According to research from JJGames, presented as an "infographic" and available on IndustryGamers, 47.3 million people buy used games every year; in 2008, Gamestop – the largest purveyor of used games sales – 23 percent of sales were from used games and it generated 42 percent of the company’s profits, while 25 percent of new games sales generated 45 percent of the company’s sales revenue. These revenues are based on an average used game price of $20 and an average new game price of $43.83.

You can check out the chart at IndustryGamer. Sources for the data are listed on the infographic, but JJGames’ methodology for arriving at the chart’s conclusion were not revealed.

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