Games Seen as Culpable in Plumping of America

Do you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, West Virginia or Mississippi? If you do, odds are you need to go on a diet and, according to one “expert,” cut back on playing videogames.

The population of the states listed above had obesity rates in excess of 30 percent, according to statistics released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

An article on Florida’s, where the obesity rate clocked in at 25.2 percent, discussed the fattening trend with Dr. Jefferson Vaughan, a surgeon based in Jupiter, Florida. Vaughan on the obesity epidemic:

There has been a generational change. When I was a kid, there were three TV channels and they all played Watergate tapes.

Today it’s much more convenient to go through the drive-through while your kid plays his Game Boy in the back seat.

Mississippi clocked in with the highest obesity rate of any state, 34.4 percent, while Colorado came in with the lowest figure, 18.6 percent. It was also noted that the statistics are probably on the low side as people are generally not amenable to being totally transparent, or honest, when discussing their weight.

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden, noted that, “Less than a decade ago, in 2000, not a single state had an obesity prevalence of 30 percent or higher.” He offered six ways to reducing obesity:

• Increase physical activity.
• Promote breast-feeding of infants, which is beneficial to both mother and child.
• Increase fruit and vegetable consumption.
• Cut down on screen time – TVs, video games, computers.
• Slash consumption of sugary drinks and high-calorie foods, and drink more water.
• Promote programs at work and school to make healthy food and fitness choices easier.

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