4Chan Founder Explains Internet Jargon to Court

While not overly game-related, the testimony of the founder of 4chan.org before the U.S. District Court Knoxville, Tennessee in regards to the hacking of Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account in 2008 features a treasure trove of entertainment.

Chris Poole’s testimony (PDF) was given on April 22, 2010 as part of the investigation into David Kernell’s hacking of Palin’s account, and was released by The Smoking Gun. Kernell posted images from Palin’s account on 4Chan’s /b/ board, which eventually led to his conviction on two felony counts.

In the best part of the testimony, Kernell defines the “specialized” language that 4chan users have adopted. Examples below.



Under cross-examination, the term Rickroll was brought up again.


Via BusinessInsider


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  1. 0
    Glasofruix says:

    Is this thing for real? I mean what a fucking waste of time,

    "Q: What’s 4 chan?

    A: It’s a forum board

    Q: What’s a forum board?

    A: It’s a place where people talk to people

    Q: You mean, a person can talk with another person there?


    Q: Like the other person can respond to the first person?

    A: Yes

    Q: And the first person can respond to the other after the other person have responded to the first person?


    Q: And then the other person can respond to the response of the first person that…"


    It’s like those idiots are running in circles.

  2. 0
    Craig R. says:

    I was going to say that myself, Thad. Gaining access to Palin’s e-mail didn’t even require brute force, but simply correctly guessing the security questions that are public knowledge for somebody like Palin.

    I’d be nice if everybody, including GP, would stop calling this case something it isn’t

  3. 0
    Thad says:

    Her first name is still misspelled.  It’s Sarah, with an H.

    Course, now that I get a good look at the transcript, it’s got a lot more typos than your post…

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