Eastern Philosopher on Karmic Effects of Violent Games

Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh is a spiritualist and practitioner of Eastern philosophy with a Doctorate of Philosophy in “The Six Substances of Jainism: A Comparative Study with Buddhist Texts.” Acharya Shree is also founder of Yogeesh Ashram, a California-based non-profit whose sole purpose is “to uplift and awaken souls.”

Violent videogames, in the doctor’s opinion, contribute little or nothing to that mandate.

In a YouTube video from earlier this year, Acharya Shree talks about the karmic effects of videogames on users, stating that the impact on users is “very bad” because “their intention is not pure.” He added, “Even though they are just characters or cartoons,  …killing is immoral. Violence is the worst thing in the world to collect the bad karma.”

Acharya Shree continued, “Where there is killing in world, even when it is mental, it brings a lot of bad karma and person can be suffering even in this life, you never know, because the karmic effect can happen in this life. It is not that this person has to wait for the next life to have the bad result.”

He suggest a ban on violent games:

So I suggest that those kinds of games, which teach children a lot of violence, it is not good for the family, good for the society, good for the nation. We need to put ban on those kinds of characters, those kind of games…

It is not a good future for the nation at all.  The children will go violent and will create trouble in the society when they grow up because they get habit to kill.  …They might kill each other!

Acharya Shree on what kinds of games parents should be encouraging their kids to play:

Teach your children not that kind of games, teach something mathematical, where their brains get sharp, or historical games, where there is knowledge in world, where there is maybe philosophy in world, where there is psychology in world, where their brain can get sharper more and they become more intelligent… they become more peaceful, they become more calm and they will not disturb the family, they will not disturb the society and they will not disturb the nation.

I suggest our government needs to take the step toward this because these games, they are making our society very violent and it is just time to stop those companies who are making that kind of games.

We are all responsible for that violence because we are not protesting.

Via TechnologyNews

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  1. hellfire7885 says:

    Also, he sounds like all other violent game haters, believing that if you get rid of this one thing it’ll be the lynch pin to make the world fall into peace.

    An extremel naieve view.

  2. Flamespeak says:

    Not to get something started, but most of the churches I have been to in the south just had a box in the back that people could contribute to. A lot of folks in low income areas, which is the bulk of the south (no offense, as I was raised there and am just talking from experience), aren’t too comfortable with a plate being passed around. It is demoralizing to see your neighbor put something up for the church when you don’t have anything to give.  The collection plate is still kicked around in plenty of churches and some made a bigger deal out of it than they should have, but those were in a minority compared to the others. Of course, this is just personal experience talking, it could be the polar opposite for others.

    My personal feeling on the matter is the person who runs the church (pastor, preacher, etc.) should have another job to support the building and upkeep himself and just have collections solely for giving aid to needy folks. That is an extreme rarity though.

  3. Neeneko says:

    Depends on the branch.   Many Buddist systems are more philosphial with little to no metaphysical elements (which is why you have so many people that are buddist+someotherreligion)

  4. Flamespeak says:

    You cannot acheive karmatic balance or embalance through video games. Karma doesn’t exist in the digital realm or make believe.

    There is a downside to video games and karma, I will admit, but not what this guy is stating. Instead of learning to cope with violent tendencies and elminating them from your thought process and actions altogether, games offer an outlet to ‘take the edge off’ as it were. It should be viewed as a neutral karmatic action (which would technically be the best kind since good karmatic actions enivitably cause bad karmatic actions elsewhere in order for balance to be maintained) but it doesn’t contribute toward someone trying to harvest up some good karma.

    Of course, that is if you are a Buddhist (and that is only some branches of Buddhism, I believe)

  5. Shahab says:

    I am a religious guy, and this makes me very qualified to tell you how to live your life. So listen to me and stop allowing those lemmings to die, or you shall never reach Nirvana. No, not the band, the spiritual enlightenment.

    Go screw yourselves religious nutbags.

  6. Quarantine says:

    The South takes religion very seriously. If you don’t go to church, you’re going to Hell! Put money in the basket to go to Heaven…


    "Because this town is under the stranglehold of a few tight eyed Tree Huggers who would rather play Hacky Sack than lock up the homeless" — Birch Barlow

  7. Neeneko says:

    I think religion is not taken seriously today because most groups have lost the legal ability to torture and kill anyone who does not do what they say.

  8. hellfire7885 says:

    He’s studied Buddhism, it’s not the same as being one. Far as I’m concerned real Buddhists would let you be.

  9. Neeneko says:

    Something tells me the buffalo might have something to say on the difference between killing 500 living buffaloes and drawing pictures of killing them…..

  10. Nerd42 says:

    Maybe this will convince the Westboro people to shut up, they don’t want to be caught agreeing with the bhuddists and hindus

  11. GoliathWon says:

    Oh, sweet. I have repeatedly saved the world from terrorists, aliens, ninjas, dragon monsters and zombies. I even battled Tyranosatan, the Dinosaur Devil, once. That’s much worse than the regular Devil. I must have awesome karma by now.

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