Officer Allegedly Chokes Wife for Threatening to Take PS3 Away

The wife of a Lake County, Florida police officer tried to push her husband’s buttons by taking away his PlayStation 3 and, unfortunately, succeeded all too well, with the end result that the sheriff’s deputy reportedly grabbed and choked her.

A story on the incident names the officer as 29-year old Gary French. His wife, a sheriff’s office dispatcher, came up with the ill-conceived plan to threaten to take away French’s PS3 following an argument. When she touched the console, he “grabbed her by the neck, put her in a choke hold and lifted her away from the PS3.”

Neighbor Joyce Roberson wasn’t impressed with French’s actions, stating, “Well him being a cop he ought to know better, that’s not cool.”

The incident happened a few weeks ago and was apparently only brought to the attention of the police after French’s ex-wife found out about it and called it in, because her children where present in the home when the attack happened.  His ex-wife filed a domestic violence injunction against French in 2008. French also pled guilty to a battery charge 10 years ago.

French was not arrested following this latest confrontation since his current wife would not press charges and there was "insufficient evidence."

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