Music Industry to Google: What is Unlawful Activity?

According to Politico’s Morning Tech blog, The RIAA, SoundExchange, BMI, The Recording Academy and nine other music groups have sent a letter to Eric Schmidt (Google’s CEO) asking for more clarification on what it considers "lawful and unlawful activity on the Web." The question relates to Google and Verizon’s proposals to the government on Net Neutrality which was released last week.

In a letter sent to Google yesterday, the groups asked for a more in-depth definition of activity, especially as it relates to "content rights." Here’s an excerpt:

"As you well know, music is a powerful driver of broadband adoption and related applications," the letter says. "So, too, the Internet has become a crucial part of the music discovery process and a central platform for commerce…Our ability to invest in and create the next generation of music is grounded on crafting Internet policies and procedures that respect intellectual property."

The groups say that a "strong distinction between legal and illegal online activity is crucial to protecting content rights" and that it believes that "it is vital that any Internet policy initiative permit and encourage ISPs and other intermediaries to take measures to deter unlawful activity such as copyright infringement and child pornography."


You can read the whole thing here. It is interesting – but not surprising – that the music industry puts copyright infringement on the same level as child pornography.

Source: Morning Tech

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