Teenager Plays DDO to Forget Murdering, Raping Disabled Teen

This is not the kind of endorsement you want, no matter who you are. A Seattle man that raped a disabled teen girl said that he coped with the guilt of his crime by playing Dungeons & Dragons Online. That’s what an 18-year-old Seattle, Wa. high school student named Tyler Wolfegang Savage eventually told police.

Tyler told police after several meetings that he killed, then raped developmentally disabled teen, Kimberly “Kimmie” Daily, then played video games to forget. The 16 year old Kimmie went missing Aug. 17 after leaving her Puyallup home to go to a friend’s house. She never made it to her friend’s house.

After confessing to the crime, Savage led detectives to a large thicket of blackberry bushes and brambles not far from his home, where they found Kimmie’s body. According to Pierce County Superior Court papers, Kimmie’s body was found more than 100 feet deep in the thicket with her bicycle thrown on top of her lifeless naked body.

Court documents further detailed the confession; According to charging papers Savage told detectives that, after he tried to convince Kimmie to go with him to the brushy area near his house, she protested because she knew she wasn’t supposed to cross the street. After some coaxing, Savage said that he finally convinced her to go with him. He led her to "50 feet into the brushy area of a vacant lot approximately two blocks from Savage’s house and out of sight of the roadway."

The rest of the crime, which I won’t repeat here, is detailed in this Examiner.com report. After committing the crime Savage went to a neighbor’s house and played Dungeons & Dragons Online to forget what he had done.

Oddly enough Savage pled not guilty to the charge of aggravated first-degree murder. Savage could face the death penalty for his crimes. He is being held without bail in the Pierce County Jail.

A PDF file of the court documents can be found here [warning: these documents contain explicit details of the crime.]

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