Florida Man Uses Xbox Live to Victimize California Youth

In what, unfortunately, seems to be an increasingly common occurrence, a 22-year old Florida man stands accused of using Xbox Live to manipulate a 10-year old boy into sending naked pictures of himself through the online videogame service.

Timothy Hammerstone of Polk City, Florida allegedly requested and received nude pictures from the boy and, in return, offered Xbox Live credits to his young victim, according to a story on CBS13.com. Hammerstone even went so far as to set up a new profile for his prey so that the boy’s parents wouldn’t notice anything when monitoring his activities.

Folsom Police Officer Jason Browning added, “Many parents try to protect their kids when they’re online so it may be a shock just how much access gaming systems provide.”

Police warned parents to set up computers or game consoles in non-private areas of the home. Parental controls could also freeze online access from consoles. Ten years old is probably a little young to be online unmonitored, no?

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    BCD303 says:

    the kid is 10, he dosn’t have the mind to think about the future. now there are photos of him that could be spread all over the world. think about what could happen if this came back to him later in life. there are some jobs he wont be able to achive security access for . the photos could be used for black mail. what if he starts working with children and the photos come to surface, even a hint of it could destroy his life.

    BCD303 "Speedy thing goes in. Speedy thing comes out."

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    Brokenscope says:

    Really? So if an adult picks up a minor has sex with the minor and then pays the minor, its peachy?

    No, one person in this "transaction" was an adult, capable of adult reasoning, and adult decision making.

    Payment between an adult and a child for sex acts is a form  of coercion and manipulation and to victim blame in this situation is just astounding.

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    GoliathWon says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t seem like the kid was coerced into this, and the story doesn’t mention if the parents found out or if he told them himself. Not to say that there was no crime or that what the guy did was acceptable, but I’m of the opinion that the victimization of the kid in a situation like this does more harm than the actual deed.

    Note: The language "victim" and "common occurence" are in the original story, not just in the GP article.

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    Dark_Mellow says:

    Lets see how about you read some books by some of them that support what i am saying, Its not hard  you can find them on amazon.

    Also if you knew anything about history you would know that the age thing is new and was never a problem before the 1900s.

    Also i remmeber being a kid, I was on the same level of an adult by age 8. Anyways its clear by your post you are to closed minded so what ever i say wont get you.

    Well if you want to learn a bit read some of Robert Epstein works.

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    Brokenscope says:


    Please, Please, Please, find a reputable and published developmental psychologist, child psychologist, or just plain old psychologist who will back you in your assertion that children are capable of the same levels of reasoning and decision making that an adult is.


    I mean, if you are correct we need to totally rewrite our laws. We need to lower the age of majority. We need to lower the age of consent too. This changes everything.

    Or not, because your opinion has no basis in fact or law.

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    Dark_Mellow says:

    Age does not matter when it comes to reasoning and decision making. Most at that age know what there doing anyway, However some dont. Dont think that because of his age he was a victim.

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    JoshuaOrrizonte says:

    I know, right?

    It doesn’t matter what the victim of a sex crime does. This guy accepted CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. I don’t understand how people can defend that. I really don’t. But it creeps me out and severely frightens me. I hope that people who are saying that this kid is somehow to blame for a crime commited against him don’t have children and never plan on it.

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    JoshuaOrrizonte says:


    What do you propose would make it OKAY for a 22-year-old man to have nude photographs of a TEN YEAR OLD? What is this possible "other side" of the story that somehow makes what this man did to this CHILD less obscene than it is?

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    Brokenscope says:

    Didn’t you get the memo?

    Sex crime victims always deserve it somehow.

    They were either asking for it, dressed slutty, or inflaming someones lusts.


    Duhhhhhh. /rape culture

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    JoshuaOrrizonte says:

    "Hey, Mister, I heard you’ll give out candy to kids who do little favors for you."

    "Why yes, little boy, just follow me into the house and you’ll get some…"

    Or, as I actually heard a pedophile who had been arrested say, "It wasn’t my fault! She seduced me!"

    I honestly can’t believe people are trying to blame a 10-year-old for a 22-year-old exploiting him for child pornography. It’s scary to think that sexual exploitation and manipulation is acceptable to some people.

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    JoshuaOrrizonte says:

    Ah bork. Misfire. Intended for a comment up there, so I’ll just edit it to make sense on it’s own.

    It is never okay for an adult to engage in sexual manipulation of a child. The onus is in no way on a child not to be manipulated by an adult. The onus is on the adult not to sexually prey on children. "Hey, kid, c’mere… I have some candy for you, if you’ll do some teeny tiny thing for me…" is not suddenly okay as long as the perp forks over the candy, and the victim is no less a victim because of it.

    I hope they caught the jerk before he leaked those pictures. That would be horrible.

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    DArkHorse says:

    I’m saying there’s that dude in florida caught but there are so many more.  and this guy i posted about is still online and tried to get my girl to send photos of her about three months ago.  he’s on the east coast to!!! there are crazies out there and my girl ran into one! thats what.

    everyone should watch what there friends and family are doing.  not just boys r victoms and the online watchers or what ever should be watching more and caring more to knock these people off and report them to the local and feds! not just hide it away in a complaint departemnt! just like the big Cath Church did for decades.  big money can hide anything and you think microsoft woudl want the world to konw its dangerous to be online and playing there games?

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    DArkHorse says:

    This kind stuff is happening way too often…XBOX LIVE

    B1oodyninja is his new gamer tag, but did this to my girlfriend, sort of!  granted she’s over 18, but this spring he did all kids of mental manipulation. tried to get her to send photos and sent all kinds of threats via the Xbox Live & cell phone. she met him on COD MW2.  I just found him online again in a game about a week ago. we blocked communication with him, but there he was in a game! WATCH OUT!
    There are way to many BAD people out there.  this dude is still out there! My girl is good now, but he freaked her out.  People should only talk to people online that are positive and don’t ever ask personal questions! that’s when they are getting way too close! who knows what they are capable of! photos now next something really bad!
    oh Neeneko, the only reason it’s not all over the news is Microsoft has all kinds of money like the Cathalic Church to hide this kind of stuff for the most part! money talks man!

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    DorthLous says:

    Quote: "In what, unfortunately, seems to be an increasingly common occurrence"

    Wow. I guess we have a wide enough pool of incidence to draw a pattern from. In fact, how many, exactly, such cases occured since Xbox live went on? Do you even have a number? Or in a way maybe more easily understood by people nowadays: [citation needed]

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    nightwng2000 says:

    "Ten years old is probably a little young to be online unmonitored, no?"

    Not absolutely necessarily.

    However, the not-in-the-know Parents may ASSUME that, because it’s a console, its functions are more limited than what they are in comparison to a computer with an internet browser.

    As was mentioned in the article, there ARE measures that can be taken to make a younger person safer (there is no 100% safe action other than not connecting to the internet at all).  The article did a decent job of alerting individuals and Parents to this fact.  I’m sure limited space prevents them from giving out a few details, but still, it opens the door to an individual or Parent to do some research.  Only laziness, even in a busy individual or Parent, prevents them doing that research.


    NW2K Software


    Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

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