Anti-Mosque Game Created by Austrian Political Party

An online videogame backed by the right wing Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), launched in advance of regional elections to be held on September 26, depicts the province of Styria as overrun with mosques and tasks players with stopping further ones from being built.

A Reuters story claims that the “Bye Bye Mosque” game has drawn over 60,000 visitors since Monday, in addition to criticisms from the local Islamic community, Social Democrats and the Green Party. A local Islamic leader named Anas Schakfeh called the game “tasteless and incomprehensible,” adding, “This is religious hatred and xenophobia beyond comparison.”

As the game ends, a message reads, “Styria is full of minarets and mosques. So vote for Dr. Gerhard Kurzmann (pictured) and the Freedom Party on September 26 so that this doesn’t happen.”

In an Austrian Times story, Green Party spokesperson Werner Kogle said, “The FPO chases minarets which don’t exist but doesn’t care about the 40,000 Styrians who currently have no job.”

The Times added this description of Kurzmann:

Kurzmann is considered to be a representative of the FPO’s far-right branch. He has been campaigning against the introduction of English words into everyday German and infuriated political opponents by calling members of the infamous Third Reich Waffen-SS "decent people".

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