Op-Ed Urges Consumer, Retailers to Avoid Medal of Honor

An opinion piece in a Fort Meyers, Florida newspaper describes the ability to take on the role of insurgents in the upcoming Electronic Arts game Medal of Honor as games reaching  an “all-time low level.”

Taking a page (or bait?) from UK Defense Secretary Liam Fox, who urged retailers not to sell the title, the author of the News-Press editorial posed a similar challenge to readers:

…we do suggest that Americans at the very least refuse to buy ‘Medal of Honor.’ We suggest that retailers refuse to stock it. And we especially suggest that parents not allow their children to own or play it.

While thankfully against government intervention to stop the game’s release, the author asked if EA’s creative vision for game required, “the portrayal of deaths in an ongoing war,” and called Medal of Honor “shameful and an insult to the families of the men and women in uniform who have died there [Afghanistan], and will die in the future.”

The columnist probably helped EA sell a few more copies of the game in Southwest Florida.

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