Another Eagle Forum Member Makes Case Against Violent Games

Over the past month, the “pro-family” Eagle Forum attempted (and failed) to lobby Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff into supporting the California side of Schwarzenegger v. EMA, while its founder, Phyllis Schlafly, scribbled out a withering column on the “evil products” and “highly disturbing”  content emerging from the videogame industry. Now another Eagle Forum member is attempting to pin the group’s anti-videogame stance on protecting children.

Dalane England, a Vice President of the Utah chapter of the Eagle Forum, and a “Bountiful mother,” was the subject of an interview appearing on the Davis County Clipper website.  England was quick to say that her group does not want to ban anything, stating:

We are not about banning anything. We would not do that. People have the right to buy what they want to buy, and parents have the right to buy for their children what they wish. We are asking for legislation that would be similar to a California law that makes it necessary for parents to purchase those questionable video games.

She believes that at least some violent content in games is out of the reach of parents attempting to preview a game, in that they are not skilled or diligent enough to play a title long enough to reach such content.

As part of their lobbying efforts, England and the Eagle Forum presented politicians with some of the violent videogame imagery they are fighting against. She recounted the reaction of politicians:

It was so awful that some of the politicians became upset with us because they had witnessed pornography and horrible violence. They were offended and we were not looking to offend anyone but it was extremely important that our local politicians completely understand what parents are up against.

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