The Most Offensive Games Ever

The Washington Post took a break from talking about the mid-term elections to select the 15 most Offensive Video Games Ever Made. Ever made? Well if you consider rape, ethnic cleansing, recreations of horrific crimes, pedophilia, terrorism, and gruesome brutality offensive than this list has something for you.

So what are these horribly offensive games?

WP lists Modern Warfare 2, Bonetown, Rapelay, V-Tech Rampage, Custer’s Revenge (you can’t beat the classics..), Resistance: Ethnic Cleansing, Battle Raper, JFK Reloaded, Operation Pedopriest, The Torture Game 2, Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide, Manhunt 2, Virtual Jihadi, and Raid Gaza.

Enjoy the horror show here.

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    CyberSkull says:

    I have only heard of a few of these games, and I hardly consider Modern Warfare 2 offensive. JFK Reloaded is more of a simulator to try to test the official version of events as well as other theories.

    Custer’s Revenge is truly a classic in the hall of gaming offenses. As for Rapelay, meh. Manhunt 2 is the only other big budget game on the list that I have heard of. The rest is all small indie stuff that no one would know about unless the press makes a fuss about it.

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    potatojones83 says:

    In this case, when I say "commercially", I mean brick and mortar stores. The only three I knew for sure were Custer’s Revenge, Modern Warfare 2 and Manhunt 2.

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    lordlundar says:

    Six actually, but it depends on the definition of "commercially". Battle Raper and Bonetown are not sold in brick and mortar stores in North America though they can be purchased through internet sites.

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    mattchew86 says:

    I second that. The first time I played it, it really hit me hard. It also gave me a look into the thoughts of the victims of these massacres. Is it offensive? Probably to people who are sensitive to that type of thing. But is it necessary? I think so.


    Edit: @Grifter sorry for stealing your thunder. Must’ve skimmed over your comment.

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    potatojones83 says:

    Why does everyone find No Russian so offensive?

    Probably because they assume that the entire game is like that, nothing but an airport shooting gallery. These are also the same people who think Mass Effect is nothing more than an intergalactic sex simulator, the only things a Grand Theft Auto game lets you do is kill cops and beat prostitutes to death to steal their money after having sex with them, that all video games that have ever been made and ever will be made are made for children and children only, and that it is somehow possible for a kid to learn how to expertly and accuartely operate a firearm by doing nothing but playing a video game.

    And yet I’m sure if I suggested to these same people that instead of wasting tons of time and money on driver’s ed schools and classes, we just have them log about fifty hours in Gran Turismo for their drivers liscense test, they would think I was crazy.

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    blindsided21 says:

    Why does everyone find No Russian so offensive? It makes perfect sense in the narrative. What better way to view a terrorist attack then actually taking part in it? It forces you to confront your actions in a way a simple cutscene doesn’t.

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    MetalGearZombie says:

    I wonder if the author of the article actually played Modern Warfare 2 all the way through before writing this. He calls No Russian pointless and that simply isn’t true. For one the events that occur in that level move the story along very significantly. Also you could argue that the point of putting the player in the massacre is done to shock the player and fuel a feeling of resentment and even hatred of the lead terrorist and his group.

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    Sirusjr says:

    And yet if the same scene was in a movie and you didn’t get any choice in it the movie would be praised for the realism and showcasing the terrors and brutality of war.  People think that just because you are participating in something it is much more offensive but they forget you also have a choice in the matter.  What better way to appreciate the horrors of brutal tactics in wars than to participate in it yourself and feel sick afterwards?  

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    Grifter_tm says:

    It is pretty easy to just point and shout, "SEE! VIDEOGAMES PROMOTE VIOLENCE AND TERRORISM!".

    Too bad they didn’t take "No Russian" within the context of the game. Is it offensive? Definitely. Does it drive home how horrific terrorism and mass murder is? Yup. Does it promote extreme violence? Hell no. 

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    MechaCrash says:

    Five, actually. Custer’s Revenge and Battle Raper were also sold commercially, although Custer’s Revenge is from back before anybody really cared that much about video games. I’m not sure how Battle Raper flew under the radar, though…probably the same way a lot of hentai games do.

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    potatojones83 says:

    And of those fifteen only three were ever sold commercially.

    On top of that, those other twelve wouldn’t be affected at all by California’s huge waste of time, money and paper.

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    Allan Weallans says:

    I find it odd that Modern Warfare 2 is there but Postal 2 is not.

    There are a lot of games that I personally consider offensive. They’re the ones that are rooted in unquestioned jingoism. None of them made the list, either, though I can sort of understand why.

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    mattchew86 says:

     Am I the only one who thought that Manhunt was nastier and…well…better than Manhunt 2? At least in 1 you could actually see what you were doing. Aaaah, good times. Good times :)


    Edit: So…who thinks it’s funny that this article is coming out a week before the ESA vs california case gets settled? hmm…..

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    ddrfr33k says:

    Of those 15, I only know of 4.  I can only assume that the others are either fan hacks or piss poor flash games that nobody cares about.  These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.  We can go about our business. Move along…

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