VGVN Wants Gamers to Send Yee Their Broken Controllers

The Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) Video Game Voters Network (VGVN) has launched a promotion designed to tweak California State Senator Leland Yee, the original author of that state’s videogame law which is now in front of the Supreme Court.

A good handful of gamers have probably destroyed a controller in a fit of rage, and while there’s a handful of things that the useless accessories could be used for, the ESA – via VGVN – is urging game enthusiasts to take the broken controller (or an old one), scribble “I believe in the First Amendment” on it and send it off to Senator Yee’s office.

They also want those who submit their controller to take a picture of it and submit it to the organization.

Of course, it’s recommended that gamers be respectful in their communication, as using any swear words or threats would “only prove Yee’s point!”

Full instructions and Yee’s address can be found here.

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