Middlesex, MA DA: Violent Games Contribute to Numbing of Youth

Following a recent rash of violent crime, the district attorney for the Massachusetts county of Middlesex is attempting to pin at least some of the blame on violent videogames.

District Attorney Gerry Leone, when asked about the recent transgressions, stated that “None of this surprises me,” adding, “I find young people have a more cavalier attitude toward crime than they’ve ever had.”

Continuing, Leone stated that today’s youth are “not really drawing the boundaries between a bad choice and a really seriously bad choice.” Why? “I attribute that to the numbing of our young people,” answered Leone.

Speaking to the Metro Daily News, Leone pointed to many factors for the desensitization (or numbing) of youth, including texting and social media, which he referred to as “impersonal” means of communicating that lead to detachment, and the prevalence of gang culture in society.

The “popularity of violent, military video games worries him,” as well. Leone said about violent games, “Think of all the things you could be spending your time on," instead of playing games that have “blood going all over the place.”

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