Namco Bandai Retracts “Inexcusable” Celebration of Chilean Miner Rescue

Say, did you hear about those Chilean miners that were trapped in a collapsed mine for over two months?  You know, the ones that didn’t have any video games to help pass the time?  Well, all 33 of them were successfully rescued yesterday and to celebrate the occasion, Namco Bandai released an image (seen at left) of characters from its Mr. Driller games superimposed over the Chilean flag with the phrase “Welcome Back!” and the date at the top.

Someone must have found this gesture to be in rather poor taste as Namco Bandai quickly pulled the image, saying on its Twitter that it “lacked consideration.”

"We would like to offer a profound apology to everyone. It was inexcusable."

It’s unknown at this time who raised a fuss.

AE:  Perhaps a lifetime of video game consumption has deadened my ability to empathize but I think the image is thoughtful and cute, certainly nothing requiring such an intense apology.

Via: The Escapist

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Correspondent Andrew Eisen


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