Americans for Limited Gov President Backs Industry in SCOTUS Fight

The President of the Americans for Limited Government (ALG) organization is against the California law at the center of the Schwarzenegger vs. EMA Supreme Court case.

Bill Wilson’s editorial on the subject states that the onus for such enforcement should fall to parents, not the government, an unsurprising sentiment perhaps, given the name of the organization he heads up.

Wilson notes that the law would be so easy to get around that “its unenforceability teaches a terrible lesson to kids: That certain laws may be disregarded.” He adds, “That is a worse message than anything learned from the games. It is one that undercuts respect of all other law.”

The editorial continues:

… this is still just another nanny state intrusion that follows a long line of acts by government to assume the role of parents. In the old days it was hearings by the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency that focused on violent comic books, which eventually inspired content-based restrictions by the industry like the Comics Code Authority.


Then it was FCC educational requirements and advertising restrictions on children’s programming that has all but eliminated the Saturday morning cartoons that were once a staple when Americans were growing up.

Wilson says that the state of California and “government in general,” need to “keep their nose out of decisions best left to parents.”

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