Open Source Carmageddon Creator Gets C&D

TechDirt points us towards a New Zealand man that was issued a cease-and-desist letter from Square Enix for his work on an open source version of the old game Carmageddon.

1am Studios Jeff posted about the c&d order on his blog, stating that Square Enix claimed to hold the copyright to his project’s “underlying code, text, audio and visual aspects of the game [Carmageddon]…”

Jeff wrote, "Obviously this is all a bit silly given we’re talking about a game thats 13 years old and you can’t buy anymore, but still, its a cease-and-desist letter."

In response, the developer said that he would be renaming the project to “OpenC1,” and would redistribute the game without any copyrighted material. He stated:

The computer code for OpenC1 is MY intellectual property.  There is no part of my code which Square Enix has any control or copyright over.  I absolutely assert my right to work on it and distribute it as I see fit.

Interestingly, TechDirt, via the Carmageddon Wiki page, noted that:

… the original creators of the game based it on a movie, which they tried to license, but when that failed, they went ahead and created it anyway. So now they don’t want anyone else to do the same thing?

Image from 1am studios

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