Duke Nukem Dev Says Game Legislators Are “Bullies”

Duke Nukem Forever is scheduled to launch next year and it’s bringing all the guns, violence, blood, baddies, babes, and boobs it can to make sure the decade-plus wait was worth it.

But what will the various ratings bodies such as the ESRB and PEGI think of Duke?  Will they slap him with a sales crippling rating?

Developer Gearbox Software’s big cheese Randy Pitchford revealed his thoughts to CVG:

“The thing is, these guys [the ratings boards] have a tough job. Their duty is to help inform customers what they’re going to be in for. But as a consequence, there are thresholds, and there’s one threshold that retailers won’t cross and that’s the ‘adult’ rating. You can’t be in that threshold if you hope to reach customers at all.

As a result, there is a line there, but it’s a fuzzy line, an unclear line. All entertainment has this problem. Once in a while, pieces of entertainment, pieces of content, come along that push that line a little bit – whoever the body is that’s supposed to figure out where it lies.

And when something pushes the line, when it tests the boundaries, it’s important. It’s important that it happens every once in a while. Because it’s our response that tells us where the line should actually be.”

When asked his thoughts on game legislation like the California law that’s scheduled to be argued before the Supreme Court in less than two weeks, Pitchford’s response became a bit more colorful.

“Honestly, the problem with all of it is: Look, when we see something, it’s up to the viewer to decide if they’re offended or not, to decide how they react… But it’s when people decide: "Well that offends me, so now it should offend everyone else. And, in fact, because I think it should offend everyone else, I believe that we should make a rule about such things."

Those people just need to get the f*ck off the bus. That attitude is not helpful to any of us – for anyone to think that they should impose their own morality on anyone else in this world. Those guys just need to go away, and just stop.

Unfortunately, those are the bullies, and we tend to let bullies bully.

We need to stop them. We need to get away from those people – certainly take the keys away from them. Do not let them play with the sharp objects.

They need to just move the f*ck aside.”

Read Pitchford’s full comments at CVG.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Correspondent Andrew Eisen

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