Yee’s Reaction to SCOTUS Arguments

California State Senator Leland Yee is the architect of the law at the center of Schwarzenegger vs. EMA and attended Tuesday’s oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court.

Reacting to the proceedings, Yee’s office issued a statement indicating that the Senator was “pleased” with the discussion in the nation’s highest court, and was particularly taken with the comments of Justice Stephen Breyer, who, Yee said, “… clearly understands the intent and need for our legislation to limit the sale of excessively violent video games to children.”

Yee Continued:

Several of the Justices rightfully concluded that parents need and deserve a tool to help raise healthy kids, that interactive video games are different than passive media such as movies and music, that many of these games have gratuitous violence inappropriate for minors, and that there is a compelling state interest in protecting children.
As the Court has often ruled in favor of limiting children’s access to potentially harmful material, I am hopeful that a majority of the Justices will declare California’s law as constitutional or at least provide the legal guidance for future public policy.

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