Yee Making Plans for Next Office

California State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo), the chief architect behind the California game law now starring in the Supreme Court production of Schwarzenegger vs. EMA, is considering a run for Mayor of San Francisco.

In an email to supporters, Yee stated that he walked into city hall today and opened an exploratory committee for Mayor. Yee added, “As someone who grew up in San Francisco, attended public schools, raised a family, and has been serving this city for over 20 years, I am excited about starting this new discussion.”

Yee’s website is already adorned with “For Mayor” descriptors.

After saying that everything he is today, he owes to San Francisco, Yee offered an overview of his life so far:

I came here as an immigrant at the age of 3. I grew up in the City. I went to local public schools and was fortunate enough to get a chance to go to college. I raised my family here – sending my four children to public schools – and served the people of San Francisco as a School Board member, a Supervisor, a State Assemblyman and now as State Senator.

Current San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (D), in his second term, has his current stint expire on January 8, 2012. Newsom, however, was elected Lieutenant Governor of California in this year’s elections. It’s expected that because of Newsom’s win, the city’s Board of Supervisor’s will name an interim successor to fill the remaining year of his term as Mayor.

Yee was just reelected to the State Senate, receiving almost 80 percent of the vote.

Pic from a Yee Flickr Set

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