Jezebel Author Defends Black Ops Ad

While an Atlantic columnist dubbed an advertisement for Call of Duty: Black Ops “twisted,” a fellow scribe at Jezebel defended the ad for prominently featuring female gamers.

Jezebel previously published a column in which the author, unhappy with how games were being marketed to females, offered tips on targeting women gamers. In the new Black Ops-focused piece, Margaret Hartmann wrote that “this ad actually acknowledges that not all of the 5.6 million copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops sold in the first 24 hours were bought by white men ages 18-34.”

Hartmann added that, even though she chooses not to play first-person shooters, “… I’m still excited to see marketers reach out to female gamers in an way that doesn’t demean them.”

In further defense of the ad, she offered:

I actually only spotted a confident, shotgun-wielding woman enjoying a video game, but either way, how does featuring real people in a war zone make this ad worse than any other commercial?

After lamenting the fact that Black Ops only features the ability to play as male characters, Hartmann added:

Even if women are still second-class citizens in the world of video games, hopefully this commercial is a sign that marketers are starting to realize female gamers make up a large and diverse group. And sometimes we enjoy a good explosion, even if it isn’t pink.

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