GameStop Announces PickUp@Store

GameStop announces the launch of its new PickUp@Store service. This new program is free to use and allows customers to pick out the games they want online at, select a store of their choice that has the game in stock, place a hold on the game and pick it up as soon as that same day. One wonders why it took GameStop so long to figure out that consumers would want this kind of service, but better late than never.

PickUp@Store works as follows:


  1. Visit
  2. Search for the game you want and click on the PickUp@Store icon to check if it’s available at a nearby store.
  3. From the list of nearby stores that have the game in stock, select the one that’s most convenient and click the PickUp@Store button to place your game on hold at that store. This store can also be saved as your Home Store if you wish.
  4. Wait to receive a "Ready for PickUp" email from GameStop with pick-up instructions.
  5. Print and bring your confirmation email to the store where a GameStop game advisor will assist you with completing your purchase.


Trade-in credit can be used as payment for PickUp@Store orders. Also, M-rated game purchases are subject to age verification and require an eligible adult to be present to complete the transaction.

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