Codemasters CEO: Used Games Market ‘Destructive’

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens calls the current used games market "destructive" in a lengthy interview with Cousens also said that the confrontational attitudes between retailers and publishers is getting "ridiculous." Of course, most of the confrontational attitudes he speaks of have been on the publisher side of the equation.

"Pre-owned isn’t actually new… the difference was that it wasn’t a significant percentage of the market, and it was never promoted as aggressively through the retail community as it is today," he said speaking in the second part of an interview with

"You could argue for the retailer in that context, but also what it’s done is kill things like subsequent exploitation in platinum and classics… and it expands the potential for piracy by default. They would argue that prices would suggest otherwise – I would say not, because by the time you get down through the food chain, a thing gets more and more ripped off.

"So my view is that it needs to be managed. I don’t believe that retail is going to disappear soon – I also believe that 35 per cent of the world market that doesn’t have broadband, and its only access it through retail, is still a significant part to any content creator."

Cousens added that it is possible with a game like F1 2010 that his company could release a smaller game on disc for retail partners, and then follow up with downloadable content as the Formula One season unfolds.

"It’s not inconceivable to say that we send out a Formula One game that’s not complete – maybe it’s got six tracks. Then they have to buy their next track, and you follow it around the world. When you turn up in Abu Dhabi you have to pay for the circuit, and whatever the changes are to the cars that are put through. That, I think, would deal with a lot of it, and also address the pre-owned."

Of course, in releasing a smaller game Codemasters would be wise to lower the price of its games..

Read the full interview here.

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