AU Christian Groups Still Battling Over R18+

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and the Australian Catholic Bishops (ACB) have differing opinions on the introduction of an R18+ adult videogame rating Down Under, which has caused a chasm between the two groups.

The ACL is strictly against the introduction of R18+ and has setup a website designed to get supporters to email the attorney general and newspapers on the subject. The ACL’s Managing Director also previously compared playing violent games to SAS Training, saying about such games, “It’s simulation and interactivity and repetition all of which are ascribed to games that make them a particularly dangerous form of medium to be flooding the community with.”

While the ACB’s “preferred position” was that violent adult games would not be sold at all in Australia, it realized that was an impractical stance, and chose to support R18+ as a way to restrict children’s access to games.

A Kotaku story details the rift between the two organizations, quoting an ACB spokesperson as stating that the ACL was “angry” with the ACB’s stance on the matter, which prompted a “furious call” placed to the ACB about the matter.

The ACB spokesperson added, “But such is life” and continued:

We’re talking to the Attorneys-General and we’re going to continue to talk to them. We’re saying the same thing to them as we said in the submission. That’s basically our view. Certain games – like GTA for example – they need something a little extra so parents understand the game is not for children.

No doubt R18+ will be discussed yet again at the upcoming Standing Committee of Attorneys-General meeting scheduled for December 10.

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