Pretension +1: Don’t Get Mad About Year-End Lists

It is that time of the year where everyone and their moms have a year-end list of the best and worst games. Some will accept these lists and "agree to disagree" on some picks, but some gamers will take to the comments of these articles and call the author(s) every name in the book. The latest Pretension +1 column from Gus Mastrapa over at Joystick Division asks angry gamers everywhere to just take a chill pill.

Here is a bit on why many gamers seem hell-bent on a fight after reading a year-end list:

"Many gamers are wrapped up in console turf wars. I can already tell that the PlayStation 3 crowd will feel like they’ve been snubbed this year. Gran Turismo 5, being a late year entry and a game with an increasingly narrow appeal, won’t make a ton of lists. Relax. You guys had Uncharted 2 last year. The Xbox faithful will probably be ticked that Halo: Reach, which was more of the same, won’t always enjoy a spot on many lists. And the Nintendo crowd will, of course, be appalled that there are people on the planet who don’t think that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the single greatest achievement of mankind. "

To you folks with your pitchforks and torches at the ready, I urge you to stand down and relax. You already know what your favorite game was this year.

So what is the best advice for dealing with game lists that you think are stupid? Go to the comments section and make the case for your favorite games without being a jerk, and avoid commenters that have nothing better to do than call you a name. Your voice might spark an interesting conversation or inspire someone who has not tried the game you are talking about to check it out.

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