Australian Christian Lobby Applauds R18+ Failure

A statement from the Australian Christian Lobby (in an article entitled "ACL welcomes refusal of R18+ game classification" that appeared in the Australian Conservative) celebrates the defeat of the measure during the Standing Committee of Attorney Generals meeting last week. ACL’s managing director Jim Wallace was one of the panelists at the meeting speaking against the new rating. Below is some of what Wallace had to say about the meeting and the results:

"It was very clear to me that the great majority of AGs were in a state of bemusement that anyone could want to make or play many of these games and particularly those proposed for an R18+ rating," Wallace said. "It is clear that the meeting failed to get support for the R18 classification as a result."

"The claims that the MA15+ rating for games contains a number of games that should be classified higher is simply admission of a failed system," Wallace added.

Wallace went on to say that any future ratings system should cover all forms of entertainment and technology – something the group has asked for in the past.

Source: Australian Conservative

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    CyberSkull says:

    I’d like to point out that political lobbying is against Christ’s teachings. He often said that his kingdom is no part of the world, that is, the corrupt political system. So by getting into the lawmaking process they are violating a tenant of the faith they so vocally proclaim to follow.

    Also, haters gonna hate.

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    Kincyr says:

    it hasn’t crossed their minds; these guys have no logic

    岩「if Phyllis Schlafly wants to undo Women’s Rights, she should lead by example and get back in the kitchen」

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    Shelton is nothing more than a bigot. If he had his way we’d all be living in Christian-land with him controlling what we see, read, and probably even eat and feel.

    "You’re not allowed to be angry, to the dungeons with ye!"

    The guy isn’t very smart. He preaches that video games cause violence yet doesn’t seem to realise that these changes anger many gamers. If we’re so violent, how come he hasn’t be killed or beaten severely?

    — Randi Tastix

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    Zerodash says:

     This kind of crap still amuses me considering that the Bible is a violent, bloody, and hate-filled book.

     They can keep be "bemused" at how anyone would want to make or play mature games.  I can continue to be "bemused" that people would believe the fraud that is religion.  The only difference: They have the right to their faith and I’m not trying to take it away from them.  

    The day Christians actually respect the fact that not everyone wants to live according to their Bronze-Age mythology is the day I stop hating on them.  

    Also, these fools claim to want a rating system for all media.  But what they really want is censorship and banning of content they don’t like- hence opposition to an 18+ rating.  This ideal of a society where news, entertainment, literature, and art are exclusively "family friendly" is absurd.

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    Uncharted NES says:

    “Freedom of speech doesn’t protect speech you like; it protects speech you don’t like.”

    -Larry Flynt


    GamePolitics, it’s time for a mobile version of the site, don’t you think?

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