European Parliament Member Wants Mafia II Banned

Families who have lost loved ones to the Mafia are fighting against Mafia II, One of those people, Sonia Alfano, lost her father to the mob on January 18, 1993. She has come out against the video game Mafia II, saying that it trivializes the violence and murder committed by organized crime. Alfano’s words carry a lot of weight because she is a member of the European Parliament. She is fighting to get the game banned in Europe. She is also the president of Italy’s association for the families of Mafia victims.

"It really, really hurts," Alfano, recently said in an interview. "We can’t allow this to happen, our wounds are still too fresh."

Last week she asked the European Commission to consider banning the game.

"These games transform the Mafia, a reality of death and destruction, into a thrilling and hands-on virtual pastime," she said. "Even if momentarily, players identify with brutal killers and for us who have experienced violence firsthand, it’s appalling."

Take Two defends the game and compares it to other entertainment based on organized time:

"Mafia II tells a compelling story about organized crime in America — a subject that for decades has been featured in award-winning movies, television shows and novels such as ‘The Godfather’ and ‘The Sopranos,’" said Alan Lewis, Take-Two’s vice president for corporate communications and public affairs. "We fully and completely stand behind our creative teams and products, including Mafia II."

In Europe, Mafia II is rated 18+ for graphic violence and adult language. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Mafia II uses the "f-word" 397 times.

Source: Bloomberg

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