Time Warner Statement on FCC Adoption of Net Neutrality Rules

Time Warner Cable issued a statement yesterday in support of the Federal Communications Commission’s adoption of net neutrality rules. Cable companies like Time Warner support the new rules, say opponents of the measure, because the telecom industry helped write the draft proposal.

Time Warner called the rules "a workable balance between protecting consumers’ interests and preserving incentives for investment and innovation by broadband Internet service providers." The company added that, while it thinks that "regulation is unnecessary and unwarranted," it is pleased with what the FCC has come up with because it avoids reclassifying broadband under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

Here is the company line as it relates to consumers:

"Time Warner Cable remains committed to providing consumers with the best possible Internet experience by ensuring that they are able to access the content, services, and applications online that they want, when they want. Now that the FCC has settled on a regulatory framework for broadband Internet access services, we can pursue that mission with a somewhat greater measure of certainty and stability going forward. "

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