FBI Raids Texas Business for Operation Payback Leads

According to a report in The Smoking Gun, the FBI has raided a Texas business and seized a computer server that investigators allege was used as part of "Operation Payback."

The FBI began an investigation earlier this month after PayPal "reported that an Internet activist group using the names ‘4chan’ and ‘Anonymous’ appeared to be organizing a distributed denial of service (‘DDoS’) attack against the company," according to an FBI affidavit.

The attack was part of an online effort to punish corporations that turned their backs on Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Other targets included Visa, Mastercard, Sarah Palin’s web site, and the Swedish prosecutor pursuing sex assault charges against Assange.

On December 9, PayPal provided the FBI with eight IP addresses that hosted an "Anonymous" Internet Relay Chat (IRC) site allegedly used to "organize denial of service attacks." According to the FBI, the unnamed administrators of the IRC "acted as the command and control" for an army of computers.

While warrants have been issued and locations have been searched around the world, it sounds like law enforcement is gathering information and has not located any specific targets for criminal prosecution. In many instances, searches at many locations found that "anonymous" users had logged in remotely from some other place.

Source: Boing, Boing

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