CA. Woman Seduces 13-Year-Old over Xbox Live, Gets Caught

Orange County. California sheriffs say that a 36-year-old-woman pretending to be a 23-year-old woman, seduced a 13-year old boy over Xbox Live. The woman subsequently took a trip from California to Maryland, where police allege that she had sex with the teenager. The online relationship began on Xbox Live in September and quickly escalated over the Thanksgiving holiday. The woman apparently met the boy in Maryland and had sex with him while his parents were sleeping.

The boy’s parents became suspicious after finding romantic text messages on his phone. The woman also allegedly sent the boy x-rated pictures and movies of herself online.

The woman, Rachel Ann Hicks, is held without bail on charges of rape and child molestation. Hicks may face additional charges related to another young man she had inappropriate contact with, though police did not disclose details on that case. Hicks, the mother of three children, resides in Lake Forest.

Sheriffs enlisted the aid of "federal authorities" in finding Hicks’s real identity; she used a "fake name and age" on Xbox Live.

Source: Lake Forest Patch by way of Kotaku

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    Papa Midnight says:

    To play Devil’s Advocate, that’s actually a fair and legitimate thought process I never considered. Hell, I’ll take it one step further: practioners of Judiasm believe a person is an adult at the age of 13 and is accountable for their own decisions at that point.

    I guess every aspect of society has their different viewpoints.

    Papa Midnight

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    FlakAttack says:

    One point I feel is very important to note here is that this woman very likely has serious mental disorders. Jail time may not be appropriate or necessary in this case.

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    Neeneko says:

    I know in theory we are supposed to be going ‘oh no! destroying of innocence!’.. but in practice I have never seen people regret these relationships later (at least no more then any other type) and the people in them seem pretty content with the setup.  The only people I see complaining are people not involved or grumbling that ‘all the good girls are being taken by older guys!’.

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    Papa Midnight says:

    The sad fact is that this is actually true, but I used to see it in reverse where teen girls would love try to go out with older guys, college guys being the general preference. Amongst peers, this was seen as general practice – though amongst adults, obviously the thought process is not the same.

    Papa Midnight

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    Neeneko says:

    Eh, it is about what I remember seeing in middleschool and high school, so while it is a bit of a gap, it is not unusual and would not raise alarm bells with peers.

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    HarmlessBunny says:

    You know if it was a boy around 17 years old…sure why not. Don’t like it, but they are old enough to start making their own decisions.

    However 13 is way too young. That is pretty sick.


    James Fletcher, member of ECA Canada

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