Coming Soon: Jack Thompson the Author, Theologian

Jack Thompson is changing careers. No longer allowed to practice law in Florida, Thompson has enrolled in the Reformed Theological Seminary, and is working on a book with University of Miami School of Education professor Eugene Provenzo called "Activism 101."

According to the web site for the seminary school, "Reformed Theological Seminary serves the church by preparing its leaders through a program of graduate theological education based upon the authority of the inerrant Word of God and committed to the historic Reformed Faith. We invite you to browse through our seminary web site to learn more about the programs available at our various Seminary campuses in Jackson MS, Orlando FL, Charlotte NC, Washington DC, Atlanta GA and our Virtual Campus."

While he probably has not given up on railing against the interactive entertainment and music industry when it suits him, this could be the beginning of a kinder, gentler Thompson.

Some interesting quotes from Thompson via this report in the Miami New Times.. the first relates to his influence on public opinion:

"I believe I influenced public policy," says Thompson, referring to a case currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. "I could write a book on how to get disbarred, but it probably wouldn’t sell as well."

..and a quote on being a thorn in the side of various people:

"I’m a pain in the neck to a lot of people," says Thompson. "Thirty-one years fighting with the bar and the entertainment industry is a pretty good run. I’m surprised that I lasted that long."

We wish him well in his vocation.

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  1. Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    Well, in his mind he thinks he will recieve a license from god himself to keep acting like a douche with unwarrant self-importance issues, like always.

    Because it doesn´t matter what horrible things you do against others, if it is in the name of Jebus, it´s totally OK. 

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  2. black manta says:

    Oh, you must have missed the "bookstorming" that happened when his first book, Out of Harm’s Way came out.  That was twice as bad as what happened in the ME incident.  To this day I think it’s still got a one-star rating.

  3. SpaceGhost2K says:

    His "reader reviews" at Amazon are going to be the stuff of legend, mark my words. Remember the lady during that Mass Effect Sex-brouhaha and her book reviews? That will look like Dr. Seuss compared to Thompson’s.

  4. black manta says:

    I shouldn’t be too hard on him, as I’m also going back to school in an attempt to re-invent myself and get a more satisfying career.  Though I think I’ll have better luck in the IT field than he will being a theologian!

    Also with any luck, his new book will be just as well-recieved as Out of Harm’s Way.  That is to say, not well at all.


    His co-author on the book, University of Miami School of Education professor Eugene Provenzo, says Thompson isn’t crazy, just too smart for his foes.

    "The Bar has gone after him a number of times and tried to say that he has psychiatric problems," Provenzo says. "But he is one of the sanest people I know."

    Er.  No.  If that were true, then he would have been A LOT more successful.  I used to think JT’s antics were part of one big Xanatos Gambit myself, but I’ve since learned that with him, it’s not an act.  He really is stupid.


  5. HilaryDuffGta says:

    i agree


    god help us all,the first time i post in a while and idiot boy has a story up,at least it wasnt about that liz wooly

  6. GoliathWon says:

    That’s what I thought at first too; but then I had to make a double-take at the mention of "last November". Thompson’s disbarrement was effective in October 2008.

    He could still fill lawsuits against the Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court, and boy did he. It seems there’s now an order preventing him from doing even that.

    I wish I could find a copy of that order.

  7. GoliathWon says:

    From the article:

    "Thompson’s legal career effectively ended last November when a federal judge banned him from filing any more lawsuits against either the Florida Supreme Court or The Florida Bar. U.S. District Judge Dudley Bowen Jr. ruled that Thompson’s dozen or so lawsuits were "abusive and vexatious.""

    Wait, what? How did I miss this? Was this reported anywhere?

  8. gellymatos says:

    Him becoming clergy would only say something about the group that made him so, but say nothing on all of Christianity. Christianity isn’t really one single religion, but a bunch of different ones, denominations if you will. Even within specific denominations, there may be different motivations within them depending on other factors.

    I shouldn’t need to speak out to point out to the world that I’m not with him, though I already do speak out against him, though that’s because I hold issue with his views. The very fact that most christians don’t hold his beliefs should be enough to tell people that he doesn’t represent the whole faith. His views represent his views. Yes, I do consider it a duty, in some way, to speak out against Jack Thompson, but not for the reasons you state.



    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." -Albert Einstein

  9. Sajomir says:

    Please keep in mind he’s joining a very specific branch of Christianity. While most branches share similar core beliefs, they’re also very much independent of each other. If any governing body of a branch accepts Thompson and lets him continue to act as he has been, then I have serious doubts about how their organization runs itself.

    If you lump all Christians together, it’s similar to saying Republicans = Democrats because they’re all just US politicians. They do have common goals of making the country better, but the specifics differ quite a bit sometimes. We might have core beliefs that are the same, but some people who call themselves "Christian" believe it’s best to "share" those beliefs by throwing tantrums like Thompson, or  by chasing gay university students through the campus. (for the record, both practices are terrible)

  10. Nerd42 says:

    The existence of complete morons like Jack Thompson shouldn’t reflect badly on intelligent christian theologians like C. S. Lewis any more than stupid atheists should reflect badly on smart atheists. I expect his book on activism will be a good book on what NOT to do because not only are his ideas stupid but he’s been singularly ineffective in implementing them.

  11. Zerodash says:

     As if people like him haven’t made Christianity (and Religious Right) look outright foolish and laughable.  Should Jack actually become ordained as clergy, it further cements the view that the entire faith is little more than a hate-group unable to emerge out of bronze age ignorance.  

    If I were a sensible Christian, I would be trying to spread the word about Jack and why he isn’t mentally or ethically fit to represent a faith.  If you care about the future of Christianity, then it is your duty as a good Christian to keep people like him as far on the fringe as possible.

  12. C. Aaron Browbowski Jr. says:

    hey jt joining wbc was my first thought lol!

    Jesus Jack Jones Thompson loves you, so kill for his amusement so we can get money for the new "People’s Temple of Jesus Jack Jones Thompson"

  13. Neeneko says:

    Westboro Baptist Church makes its cash by carefully keeping just inside the law while pissing people off enough so that THEY do something illegal, then sueing them.

    JT would be too unpredictable and too likely to do something illegal and thus derail their money making.  Besides, WBC is filled with GOOD lawyers who win cases.. they have no need of a disbarred one that generally failed even when he was allowed to practice law.

  14. Defenestrator says:

    Westboro is probably not a good fit for Jack, actually.  The WBC is its own definition of loony far beyond anything Jack could possibly conceive.

    As one example, Jack’s Republican background means he’s more than likely to be supportive of the military.

    The WBC, on the other hand, holds protests at the funerals of slain soldiers to rile people up.  The WBC’s claims of "Christianity" are pretty far off the mark.

  15. gellymatos says:

    Jack Thompson…..a theologian…..God help us….

    I see no good coming from this. I can only hope this will lead to some self-reflection on his part.




    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." -Albert Einstein

  16. vellocet says:

    When opponents and adversaries leave the fight, I tend to reflect on the debates and battles that had occurred with that individual.  In the best times, I feel that although they were frustrating, they were worthy adversaries.  These are the best types of opponents.

    Jack Thompson was not a worthy adversary.  He was (is) a raving lunatic.  I only "wish him well in his vocation" because I hope that it gets him off our back.

    But with that said I wonder if the level of discourse that we gamers (as a group) tend to debate welcomes that kind of opponent.  When the response to someone we don’t agree with is "n00b", a quip about their sexuality or a best "liar" is it any wonder that our opponents are the equivalent on the opposite side (i.e. Jack Thompson).

    I think that this is why I was pretty disappointed when Roger Ebert didn’t take up the charge AGAINST games.  I have a lot of respect for his opinion (you probably would too if you read some of his blogs) and would welcome more worthy adversaries in his vein instead of the old men screaming at us from his porch.

    Perhaps if we stopped lighting bags of poop on fire and leaving them on their front door.

    ——- Morality has always been in decline. As you get older, you notice it. When you were younger, you enjoyed it.

  17. Zerodash says:

     The Eagle Forum folk aren’t that much better than the WBC people, and even they grew tired of Jack’s unique brand of psychopathy.  

    I’d imagine Jack would end up derailing any Westboro Baptist Church protests by trying to make himself the center of attention.  

  18. Slipperman says:

    Frankly I’m a bit surprised he hasn’t tried to join the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re pretty much a perfect fit for him.

  19. Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    Jack Thompson is changing careers. No longer allowed to practice law in Florida, Thompson has enrolled in the Reformed Theological Seminary…

    This video seems fit:

    Watch after 0:55

    Also, who wants to bet that they will be kicking him out in less than one year due making them piss off?


    "I believe I influenced public policy…"

    You´ve became the laughing stock of the gamers, Jack. You also are the guide of "not to do" when hating videogames. I think Leland Yee has done a better job than you.


    We wish him well in his vocation.

    I actually want him to fail hard. But that´s just me 🙂



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