Capcom’s YouTube Takedown Over Evil Ryu and Oni Akumfa

Capcom attempted to quell the leak of two secret characters from Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition this week by issuing copyright notices against YouTube videos. The videos featured Evil Ryu and Oni Akumfa, two charcters that were to be announced by Capcom later. Now the company has confirmed the characters but users who had videos on YouTube can’t turn back the clock and some of them have lost whole channels thanks to YouTube’s "three strikes" rule. A user with multiple copyright notices can have their entire account suspended and have videos deleted.

One prominent user, Street Fighter tournament player J.R. Rodriguez, lost his channel and more than 50 videos were deleted, according to published reports.

The two characters can apparently be unlocked via a built-in password system, but the passwords themselves were leaked or discovered. Some say that producer Yoshinori Ono has taken some heat for it.

Sources: The Escapist, Edge

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    Neeneko says:

    Considering youtube is not doing any real due dillegence, I do not think such a test would have any impact.  Thier whole test is ‘too many people complained, we will take their word for it, DELETED’.

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    Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    Maybe, but not everybody there is for profit. Most of the users aren´t there for money making, including me. And most of the users don´t upload videos from movies or TV shows and expect to get money.

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    Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    Youtube policies are a mess and often used by companies and even internet trolls. The user is defensless in any sense. I still can´t see what damage are users doing on posting trailers of games they like when "leaking" is actually a strategy used by companies to promote their games. They also are not getting a penny from it.

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