Microsoft Cracks Down on 11-Year Old Autistic Boy

An 11-year-old autistic boy named Julius Jackson has been labeled a "cheater" by Microsoft on Xbox Live and has had all of his Achievements points wiped as a result.

As a rule, when Microsoft finds that an Xbox Live user has boosted its GamerScore by using exploits or cheats it marks that user as a "cheater" and wipes their score away. This is exactly what happened to Julius, though what exactly Microsoft says that he did to earn such a dishonor is not being talked about by either party.

Jackson’s mother, Jennifer Zdenek, tells a local news station Q13 Fox News that her son didn’t do anything to deserve such a label and they cannot get the title removed despite repeated contact with Microsoft. Microsoft said that it is confident that someone using that particular Xbox and Xbox Live account had illegitimately boosted his score. The company is not backing down. So, while Julius can certainly spend time reviving that gamerscore, he’ll be marked down as a cheater for good.

Speaking on Twitter, Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, said of the situation:

"I confirmed that achievements were illegitimately modified on the account and contacted the customer directly w/ specifics"

He added: "We confirmed there were cheated achievements and gave the parent the details. This wasn’t a "he played too good" situation at all."

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Sources: The Escapist, Game Informer

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