Carole Lieberman Bookstormed Over “Games Lead to Rape” Comment

Psychologist and author Carole Lieberman is not very popular with some people right now.

Yes, her sex in games leads to real-life rape comment in yesterday’s FoxNews story seems to have rubbed a few folks the wrong way.  As such, she’s joined Jack Thompson and Cooper Lawrence as someone whose, shall we say, ill-advised comments have prompted the less mature of us to mosey on over to Amazon and give her book a negative review.

Yeah, that’ll show her the light.

Prior to yesterday, Lieberman’s book Bad Girls had six reader reviews, all of them awarding the title five out of five stars.  Since then, it has garnered over 30 additional reviews, the vast majority of which are one star.  The comments are of the predictable “I didn’t read the book but if she feels qualified to speak on topics she knows nothing about, than so do I” variety and range from admittedly pretty funny to flat-out vulgar.

As it has done for other bookstormed authors, Amazon will doubtless remove the offending reviews soon so those who want their opinions to stick around are encouraged to demonstrate a bit more class and communicate them in the appropriate forums.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Correspondent Andrew Eisen

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