More on DC Universe Online Trade-Ins

A little digging on both Blockbuster’s and GameFly’s web sites shows that both companies are not renting DC Universe Online to its customers. It would be difficult to do more than one time unless they had a special deal in place with either SCEA or SOE to supply additional codes for these discs that come with one-time use codes.

We reached out to both companies to get a better idea of what their policies are related to renting and accepting trade-ins of DCU. Here are their responses:

"Here’s how it works," Rachel Silverstein, GameFly’s Vice President of Marketing told GamePolitics. "We offer trade-in to help our subscribers realize some value for the games they no longer want to play. Trade-ins do not become part of GameFly’s rental inventory. Whether to buy the game for subscription rental or to accept it as trade in are completely separate decisions."

"We do not comment on specific publisher programs or title purchases," Blockbuster Vice President of Games Merchandising told GamePolitics. "However, we obviously would not rent a product that was limited to a ‘first and only’ type of experience. Additionally, we do not take trades on products that are not set up in our POS for rent or sale."

On a related note, it appears that GameStop stores around the country are turning players away who are trying to trade in DC Universe Online, for obvious reasons. Over at, it looks like the online retailer is not accepting DCU as a trade-in either, but do list several used copies of the game from various resellers.

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