Hotz Raises Funds for Sony Legal Fight

On Friday George "Geohot" Hotz is able to pay for his legal fees. Earlier today the man who helped jailbreak the iPhone and the PS3, appealed to the public to donate to his legal defense fund. The appeal was apparently a success, as later that day Hotz took down the donation appeal and said it was closed. He did not disclose how much money he raised, but did say it was enough to help him fight Sony in court for the time being.

"Thank you so so much for all of your help, things are looking up money wise. Expect to see a few more lawyers on my responses!" he wrote on his web site.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has also offered to help Holtz with his defense.

Hotz also reiterated that he does not support piracy, and though Sony would like everyone to believe otherwise, his only purpose in jailbreaking the PS3 was to re-enable Other OS. He also added that the only copyrighted software he ever distributed was his own and that Sony is simply mad that he cracked their security on the system. He sums it up succinctly by saying that Sony is suing him for hacking his own PS3 – hardware he paid money for.

Source: The Escapist (Thanks Andrew Eisen).

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    Flamespeak says:

    I proved he was hacking the PS3 before the patch to remove the OtherOS feature was made.

    Corporations are not automatically in the fault because they are corporations and everyone should fight to defend their legitimate works.

    Nobody cared that the PS3 was being used as supercomputers, even though that was not their intentended purpose. Nobody cared that the PS3 was being used to break passwords for law enforcement either. Sony was fine with this too. When the PS3 is being opened up so that a community that is widely known to exploit such openings for the purpose of piracy though, that is when someone should take notice. I say again, I don’t agree with the removal of the OtherOS system, but I do understand why they did it.


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    greevar says:

    Supporting the law doesn’t make you morally superior. More so if you support a bad law. America was founded on the idea that every citizen has the right to resist unjust laws. Were it not for people breaking the law, we would still be a colony of the British Empire. You know damn well that any public demand for a change in a law will only happen if it fits into a political party’s agenda or benefits a corporate lobby’s agenda. Grass roots influence on federal law is all but non-existent. Hotz broke an unjust law. He will have to deal with the consequences. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have done it. These corporations need to be made to understand that they can’t legislate what we can do with our property.

    Proof? How does this prove that we has doing anything harmful to anyone? He was using Linux to do things with the PS3 that Sony didn’t approve of? Obviously this must be intended for nefarious purposes! Nobody would ever try to find new practical uses for technology that was never conceived before! Every comment you make further outlines how little you understand the importance of techonology and innovation. You fail to see this for what it really is: A rich company trying to maintain an unattainable amount of control over the behavior of millions of people just to further secure their profits. They are deluded to think that they can use technology to prevent people from using it for other purposes. You are deluded to think that you are on the righteous side of the issue. Technology begets new technology. That’s how it works. You want to stop people from using technology in ways you don’t approve of? There’s only one way to do that and I don’t think you would like that solution.


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    Andrew Eisen says:

    He’s obviously not to you but I doubt you’re so incredibly dense that you can’t see why others might see him as such.

    "If you supported Martin Luther King jr. You supported Breaking the LAW PERIOD!! End of Discussion."

    No at all.  I can support the guy’s beliefs and ideologies without condoning all of his methods.

    "Hell the Wisconsin Protesters are breaking laws right now, parading without a permit & NOT protesting in Free Speech Zones which is 40 miles away from the capital"

    Haven’t seen anything resembling a parade and I didn’t know that it’s illegal to march on the capital or that there were designated "Free Speech Zones" 40 miles away.  Not saying that isn’t true, but it sure doesn’t strike me as such.


    Andrew Eisen

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    F__ked up says:

    Exactly so why is Martin Luther King a Hero? he broke the law, he was a criminal, broke injuctions and was frequently arrested for "Parading without a permit". If you supported Martin Luther King jr. You supported Breaking the LAW PERIOD!! End of Discussion. This whole "fighting for Civil Rights" & "Desegregation" is stupid point because he BROKE THE LAW.

    Hell the Wisconsin Protesters are breaking laws right now, parading without a permit & NOT protesting in Free Speech Zones which is 40 miles away from the capital

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    Well of course not agreeing with a law doesn’t give you the right to break it.  You are aware that Rosa Parks was arrested for breaking the law, right?  (Even though, arguably, she didn’t actually break the law.)

    "All those people who supported Martin Luther King and Rosa Parts should be arrested for SUPPORTING CRIMINALS, like those in the Million Man March."

    Supporting criminals (in the sense that you simply agree with their ideologies and what they did) is not against the law.  Far as I know, no one at the Million Man March broke the law and neither did its organizers.  Only controversy I recall is how many people were actually there.


    Andrew Eisen

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    F__ked up says:

    No its NOT exactly like abolishing segregation laws and fighting for civil rights. After all how else did those LAWS get passed in the first place? It NOT like Segregation Bill had SUPPORT from Congress and the People to get it passed and Some Executive actually signing the bill in to LAW, which shows SUPPORT. And once in a LAW its the LAW!! So respect it and DONT BREAK IT.

    If you DONT agree with the LAW, segregation laws, Civil Rights, women’s Sufferage, privacy laws, patriot act, & etc DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BREAK THE LAW like Martin Luther King Jr or Rosa Parks

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    Flamespeak says:

    As I said before, if you disagree with the law do something to change it. 

    Simply hacking a system is not going to fight the law of the system anymore than smoking a truckload of weed is gonna make marijuana suddenly legal. Organize an event, protest in public settings, there is a myriad of things you can do to fight this kind of law, but instead, odds are high people will just continue to bitch and moan about it and not really do anything constructive to try and smash said law.

    If you aren’t willing to go through great lengths to combat it, then it really must not piss you off too much.

    Besides, Geohot was hacking the PS3 with Linux before it lost the feature (and it was the main reason Sony took the feature away, which was still pretty stupid to do in my opinion since it was an advertised feature)

    (above link is proof of him using linux to hack the PS3 through Linux BEFORE it was disabled)

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    Flamespeak says:

    Yeah because this is EXACTLY like aboloshing segregation laws and fighting for civil rights.

    Geohot is REALLY taking a stand in support of people everywhere to live better lives by hacking a PS3.

    You analogy is spot-on. 


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    F__ked up says:

    I totally agree with you. It illegal because its ILLEGAL and it should be respected regardles of whether or not you agree with it. Take Martin Luther King Jr. for example, fighting for equal rights for Black people or Rosa Parks fighting to sit on the FRONT of bus. It was ILLEGAL for Rosa Parks to sit on the FRONT of that bus, it was ILLEGAL for Martin Luther King Jr. to take over City Halls, basically Seizing a building and for PARADING WITHOUT A PERMIT. I dont have a CLUE why America holds these people in such high regards. They were criminals BRAKING THE LAWS BECAUSE THEY DISAGREED WITH IT. All those people who supported Martin Luther King and Rosa Parts should be arrested for SUPPORTING CRIMINALS, like those in the Million Man March.


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    greevar says:

    You’re funny. Launching a campaign to change a law without the ability to grease the palms that can make it happen is about as effective as farting in a space suit. It’d be lost in obscurity. Civil disobedience of an unjust law does make people take notice. Only an idiot would think that an unjust law should be obeyed simply because it’s a law. Laws are not infallible. Laws are not absolute. Laws defend the people when they are harmed. George Hotz didn’t harm anyone. His intent wasn’t to harm. It was to restore a product feature that Sony yanked for no good reason. It’s the same as turning a hammer back into a pneumatic hammer. Sony shouldn’t have crippled the PS3. They brought this mess on themselves. I don’t see car makers going after people for modifying their computer module to get customized engine performance.

    And don’t "but, but, piracy!" me either. Piracy doesn’t need the hack to function. It did just fine before it appeared and it didn’t need it to. You can take your justifications for stepping on the rights of consumers and stuff it in the most uncomfortable part of your anatomy imaginable. End of discussion.


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    Flamespeak says:

    I love how you think something that is considered illegal activites should be legal just because you disagree with it HOWEVER you aren’t launching any kind of campaign to get it changed and instead just support people breaking said law.

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    Flamespeak says:

    You know, when most people would hack or jailbreak a system they would be pretty low profile about it and send the information out amongst their own community. Making sure this hack is as public as you can, making a rap about how you ‘beat Sony’, and then having atrocious comments about the whole thing (Why is Sony suing me? BAAAWW BAAAAAW! PIRACY! BAAAAW! – For example), and just being a complete tard about it on the whole makes you a wonderful target. In short, the guy kind of set himself up as to be the poster child to be smacked as hard as legally possible in a courtroom setting by a major company. I got no pity here, in fact, I kind of hope he does get hit just because of the way he is acting. His lawyers must be pretty awful or at the very least enraged at his actions.

    I am actually pretty pleased with Sony’s response. Piracy and hacking have been rampant on the Wii (although not much of an online community there) and the 360 for a long time with nothing being done to really stop it. Sony is jumping all over the issue when it starts to surface on their console. Though I disagree with some of their methods (like removing the ability to install another OS – a advertised feature when the console was first launched), I do appreciate the fact that they are doing SOMETHING about it. Of course, given what happened with the PSP, they are probably right to be pretty gung ho with the anti-piracy mindset.

    note- I am not going a tirade about homebrewing and the argument of ‘this is your system, you can do whatever you want with it’ is not something that is lost on me, however, the main case here is about a person who basically made a console open to piracy with his chief excuse of ‘only wanting to install the other OS’ as being kind of flimsy to me (personal view)

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