Hotz Raises Funds for Sony Legal Fight

On Friday George "Geohot" Hotz is able to pay for his legal fees. Earlier today the man who helped jailbreak the iPhone and the PS3, appealed to the public to donate to his legal defense fund. The appeal was apparently a success, as later that day Hotz took down the donation appeal and said it was closed. He did not disclose how much money he raised, but did say it was enough to help him fight Sony in court for the time being.

"Thank you so so much for all of your help, things are looking up money wise. Expect to see a few more lawyers on my responses!" he wrote on his web site.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has also offered to help Holtz with his defense.

Hotz also reiterated that he does not support piracy, and though Sony would like everyone to believe otherwise, his only purpose in jailbreaking the PS3 was to re-enable Other OS. He also added that the only copyrighted software he ever distributed was his own and that Sony is simply mad that he cracked their security on the system. He sums it up succinctly by saying that Sony is suing him for hacking his own PS3 – hardware he paid money for.

Source: The Escapist (Thanks Andrew Eisen).

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