Rumor: Sony Building ‘Hack-Proof’ PS3

Citing a report on Everything HQ, Computer and Video Games is reporting that Sony is working on a new SKU of the PS3 to deal with the leaked security key it is currently suing George Hotz and group Fail0verFlow over. The "hack-proof" model (is there such a thing these days?) is already "deep in development" and is not susceptible to the security issues that current models are vulnerable to.

Another rumor is that the company will lower the price of its current PS3 units to clear inventory. Old models will allegedly go for around £170 (roughly $274 USD). The hack-proof model is said to be a slim PS3 boasting a 300GB hard drive. The report claims it will cost £186.99 (roughly $301.USD)

A release window for this system is unknown and the system itself is not confirmed by Sony, but according to the report it will be a slim PS3 with a 300GB hard drive.

Source: C&VG

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  1. MJimiD says:

    It’s atonishing to me the lengths companies like SONY and even Microsoft will go to, to make their products hack proof. WHY? What do they have to gain from hack-proofing? What do they have to lose to hackers? It makes no sense. Not that they’ll succeed–They won’t. Proprietary software is the bane of the free world.

  2. GrimCW says:


    the UMD was "unhackable" the PS3 was "unhackable" Macintosh was "virus free"

    any time these idiots make these assertions public.. someone will be out to prove it wrong and very quickly.

    no one took the PS3 fight because they didn’t care with the OtherOS feature, removed that and BAM, instantly hackers were all over looking for a loop hole, and found one!

    UMD’s were done withina  week of release, and the Mac.. well unrelated directly, but their campaign changed its tone rather fast after someone decided to prove that wrong too :p

  3. nightwng2000 says:

    "…is not susceptible to the security issues that current models are vulnerable to."

    News Flash!

    One hour after the release of the new "hack-proof" PS3, a hacking group has announced it has hacked  the new "hack-proof" PS3.  They give credit to the 99 cent black marker that has served them so well with other Sony products all these years.


    I’m NEVER going to let them live that down.  🙂


    NW2K Software

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  4. aphexbr says:

    "Sony did all right for a few years with the "black box" design of the PS3, but removing OtherOS galvanized the PS3 hacker community"

    Yeah, that’s the one thing they don’t understand – no system will *ever* be truly unhackable (what can be built by humans can be broken by humans, and all that). But, they don’t have to make a truly unhackable system. They just have to make the benefits of hacking far lower than is worth the effort to hack it.

    Region coding, excessively high pricing, removing features from users: these are all things that ensure that a hacked console is worth obtaining. The problem with removing OtherOS is not that it galvanised the hacker community, but that it aligned them with software experts in the OSS world. People who wouldn’t hack a console just to get free crap, but were very interested in getting their systems back to doing what they needed them to…

    Hopefully, they’ll understand this. But, they are the company who keeps trying to forced bespoke media formats on to people despite them having lost the Betamax/VHS battle due to their format being proprietary. So, I won’t hold my breath. 

  5. Thad says:

    "(is there such a thing these days?)"

    "These days" nothin’; there’s never been a hack-proof model of anything.

    Blu-Ray was hacked because keys have to be stored in memory — which means any system that lets you monitor memory can be hacked.

    Sony did all right for a few years with the "black box" design of the PS3, but removing OtherOS galvanized the PS3 hacker community and no black box they release now will stay a black box for very long.

    The only system that is potentially immune to piracy is OnLive — if you don’t even have a game on local storage, you can’t copy it.  Short of that, all forms of copy protection are breakable.

  6. hellfire7885 says:

    They’re going to be vulnerable no matter what. The system will be hacked in under a week, even if they plastic weld the shell together.

    One of the biggest mistakes made is always ALWAYS underestimating hackers.

  7. MechaTama31 says:

    That’s what I was wondering.  If they’re so worried about having PS3s get hacked, why would they go out of their way to push more hackable PS3s out as fast as possible?  Is it not possible to recall the PS3s and modify them to be "unhackable"?  Maybe not, and they’re just trying to cut their losses.  But if that’s the case, it shows you that internally, they do not see piracy as the gigantic threat they shout from the rooftops that it is.

  8. Inimical says:

    By decreasing the price of the hacked models, are they not going to have a short-term increase of the already hacked ones, thereby doing very little to actually prevent these from getting out there? 

  9. Roh02 says:

    Id fill this comment box with nothing but laughing but Im pretty sure that counts as spam so a little bit of laughing at the end of this comment will have to suffice.


  10. Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    Comic related:

    This is just sad. This is like a troll raid. Sony reacts like a little child on Youtube and then, a bunch of trolls/pirates keep pushing them until they snap.

    ———————————————————— My DeviantArt Page (aka DeviantCensorship):

  11. E. Zachary Knight says:

    I would assume that they would have to flag new games that require the new security while leaving the old method in place in some kind of sandboxed fashion that would still allow for them to run. Not sure how they would do that without leaving themselves still vulnerable though.

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  12. DorkmasterFlek says:

    How exactly do they plan on building a hack-proof PS3 while keeping all current software compatible?  Even if they can pull it off, that doesn’t change the tens of millions of existing units that are fully compromisable.  To quote Private Hudson, game over, Sony, game over!

  13. hellfire7885 says:

    Keep dreaming Sony.

    The 300 GB hard drive does bring in some concerns though, since I did hear Sony considered making it so games can’t be resold in any fashion.

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