No We Dare for North America

Ubisoft has confirmed that We Dare is a European only release. The saucy, adult themed Wii game that challenges couples to engage is some risqué behavior to score points and "get a little closer" is apparently too hot for U.S. gamers.

While the reaction to the We Dare commercial was mostly disbelief, it would be hard to say that journalists on this side of the pond found it to be offensive – silly, and a little too suggestive for our taste, maybe – but inappropriate for America? No way. If we can have Dennis Franz showing his big ass on TV, we can handle a couple taking turns spanking each other in a commercial.

Ubisoft must have felt some embarrassment at the trailer being so widely noticed online and ended up yanking it off YouTube under the guise of a regional copyright issue. In other words, it contacted YouTube to violate itself. Strange.

Ubisoft told IGN that We Dare would "absolutely not see release in the United States."

Those of you looking to watch your friend’s wife spank your wife or girlfriend will have to find another inventive way to make it happen. Sorry guys.

Source: IGN

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    Neeneko says:

    Actually, the swinger community was never my cup of tea (but I interact with people who left it).. too homophobic and VERY vanilla… it had the feel of a bunch of frat boys and sorority girls trying to recapture their hedonistic youth while maintaining otherwise very white bread lives… mind numbingly dull scripted sex…. (since you did not have time to learn individuals, you had to stick to safe/acceptable patterns).

    I much prefer the poly community……

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    lomdr says:

    The most it could do is entice people to import the game and/or (unfortunately) cause the watchdogs to dog us even more.


    Though, I don’t think people have STOPPED importing IIDX even after its final home release (Empress) and that game is a nintendo hard music game (mostly delves into Note Hells with some of the Another charts and the Black Another difficulty, though some songs delve into speed change hell, like Fascination MaxX, though they made it follow the DDR BPMs)

  3. 0
    Neeneko says:

    Eh, the meatspace games for such things are more fun anyway…

    Though I find it amusing.. just like the swinger community.. ‘oh no! can’t have the guys interacting!’… though I am impressed they had a guy bottoming and males stripping.  Wouldn’t have seen that a few years ago.


    Meh, I will save the rest of this post for a differnt game forum….

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