Survey: Left Behind Games Wins Hearts of Shareholders

Despite a 43 percent decline in its share price in the last week, a survey of Left Behind Games’ shareholders shows overwhelming support for the direction of the company. At least that is what the Christian game publisher said in a press release issued this morning. According to its latest shareholder survey 79 percent of shareholders "fully support the direction of management."

In the same survey, 94 percent of respondents sold no shares and 25 percent have bought additional shares during the recent share price decline. Another 33 percent of investors want to be "actively involved in promotions." The survey polled 650 shareholders, the company said.

"It has been difficult to watch our price decline, but it’s evident from our shareholder survey that investors are still pleased about the announcement of our first operational profit and news of our revenues exceeding a million in our quarter ending December 31, 2010," says LB Games CEO, Troy Lyndon.

CEO Lyndon plans to publish more survey details in a shareholder letter to be released later today.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    Say, my neighbor’s wife is looking pretty hot!

    Jokes aside, I’ve read the left behind books and as I understand it, sinning doesn’t prevent you from being raptured.  The only requirement is recognising and accepting Jesus as your lord and savior.  You can sin all you want and not have to worry about being left behind.

    Which means I’ll be here to play Zelda when it comes out.  Yay!


    Andrew Eisen

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    Neeneko says:

    See, this makes me wonder what it would take to buy a controlling interest, then as majority shareholder require them to start working on AO titles…..

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    SeanB says:

    Left behind games stock rose 11.11 percent today, from $0.00 to $0.00 (as per market rounding)

    In math terms, the stock is now back UP to $0.002 per share. Yes 1/5th of a cent per share.

    Ever wanted to own a thousand shares of left behind games? It will only cost you $2.

    In the past year, the stock hasn’t risen beyond 1.25 pennies per stock. The all time high was in mid 2006, when the stock was at about 5 dollars a share. Months later they released thier first game… and it tanked. Hasn’t been back since.

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    Neeneko says:

    I don’t see it happening.

    Christianity is not monolithic… and most churches, the biggest thing they fear is not non-Christian groups controlling what they can and can not do, it is other sects getting their dogma encoded in law.  For instance, the majority of the ‘prayer in school’ lawsuits were actually brought by Christians who did not want thier kids saying prayers from other sects.

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    kurbster says:

    until they see the light and make a crappy Devil May Cry clone where jesus ascends into hell to rip off demon wings and screw big-breasted succubus….there’s no hope for them

  6. 0
    Kincyr says:

    exactly. maybe I’ll start paying attention if they start using some of the (extremely) violent parts of the old testament. maybe use bits of Song of Songs, or as I call it, Hot Coffee

    岩「if Phyllis Schlafly wants to undo Women’s Rights, she should lead by example and get back in the kitchen」

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