Ngmoco CEO: ‘NGP is Dead on Arrival’

Mobile phone game publisher Ngmoco CEO Neil Young says that Sony’s upcoming and current handhelds are dead in the water. "PSP is done and the NGP is dead on arrival" says Young, who blames the iPhone for the systems’ demise. He also believes that there ae big troubles ahead for handhelds in the future thanks to iOS and Android devices.

"I think they are hurt; I think they’re clearly hurt. I think PSP is done and the new [NGP] is dead on arrival," he told IndustryGamers. "It’s really difficult to compete with an app store that has hundreds of thousands of applications and a wide range of options where the average price paid is around $1.20 and there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of free applications that are really high quality. So I just don’t think Sony’s going to be able to compete with that."

Young also disagreed that the NGP recreates a "PS3 quality experience," and said the functionality of iOS devices outweighs the processing power of Sony’s devices. He had kinder words for Nintendo’s handheld:

"I think Nintendo will likely be competitive," he said. "Nintendo has great franchises and there are tens of millions of people who want to participate in those franchises, so that always helps… But the real question is the degree to which there’s a third-party community."

As a publisher of iPhone and Android games, Young is biased.

Source: Industry Gamers, by way of The Escapist

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