PEGI Defends We Dare Rating, Ubisoft to Put Warning on Box

The Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) rating board, the organization responsible for rating games in Europe, defended its decision to rate We Dare for 12 year olds and above (PEGI 12) this week, even as Ubisoft takes extra precautionary measures to warn parents about the game’s content. It’s interesting because it undercuts PEGI’s stance.

A statement by the ratings board (found on Cubed3D) defends the decision to rate it for such a young age group, stating that "it contains mild swearing, minor assault on a human-like character and words/activities that amount to obvious sexual innuendo, explicit sexual descriptions or images and sexual posturing."

That does not sound like much of a defense to me. Ubisoft is taking a different tact, saying that the game is "intended for mature audiences" and pointing to its saucy ad campaign as evidence of that fact. Further, the company plans to add a "Parental Discretion Advised" sticker to the packaging, warning parents of "potential sensitive nature of the game content."

Why PEGI does not want to change the game’s rating is baffling.

Source: Joystiq

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