Really NCIS Writers, Really?

Does it hurt to do a little research before writing an episode of NCIS? Apparently it’s a major hassle for whomever penned an episode of the popular CBS crime drama about an MMO, as evidenced in this clip from the show. The storyline features a fake MMO called Fear Tower 3 and a "high scorer" named "MaxDestructo." Are they playing breakout or an MMO? Maybe they meant to convey that these gamers were playing an online game like Quake Live or Battlefield Heroes. I do not know, so watch the video and judge for yourselves.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. CyberSkull says:

    Aside from Final Fantasy XI and XIV, I can’t think of another MMO game with a numerical sequence in it’s name.

    Another thing: She has something like 10 or 12 cores in the machine and the game’s title screen is that shitty? It looks like a beginning PhotoShop project. And now class we are going to make a video game title screen mock-up of a title that even an insane madman or desperate out of work programmer would work on.

  2. Mr.Tastix says:

    Lol at all the butthurt comments on this page. Including the article itself.

    You really think anyone in the entertainment industry cares whether or not something is politically correct and/or accurate in the eyes of those who actually know?

    There’s a reason FOX News goes off and lies about every little thing, or why they exaggerated Mass Effect’s side boobage: Because it gets ratings.

    Higher ratings = More money.

    — Randi Tastix

  3. Kincyr says:

    okay, that doesn’t sound too cheesy to me. it actually sounds a bit interesting

    岩「if Phyllis Schlafly wants to undo Women’s Rights, she should lead by example and get back in the kitchen」

  4. vaccine says:

    This was on like 3 weeks ago, why the outrage now?

    It wasn’t that bad really, the point was some baddies were trading secrets through the code of a game, and you could see it by breaking the highest score possible which the bad guys did through some hack. That girl in the clip broke the score legit and so the bad guys were after her as she’d seen the top secret documents.

    Was cheesy but it wasn’t really having a go at games.

  5. Technogeek says:

    While I was able to ignore most of the really bad tech stuff in that movie, I did do a double-take at the fact that a single hard drive was able to store something like 17 terabytes of financial data.

    At first I tried to rationalize it by saying "the data’s probably mostly plaintext, it could just be seventeen terabytes before compression". Then I remembered that it had been downloaded via a satellite connection, at which point I went "okay, fuck it, I’m just going to watch Bruce Willis kill a helicopter with a car and ignore as much of the dialogue as i can".

  6. Austin from Oregon says:


    Hopefully they do a show on Black and White too. "Would you like to see my Pokemans?"

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