Sassy BioWare User Gets Ban, Can’t Play Dragon Age II

One BioWare fan who might have said the wrong thing on an official forum found himself in an awkward situation. After saying what some might deem a derogatory statement in an official BioWare forum, user v_ware found that he couldn’t play Dragon Age II. What is odd about this is that Dragon Age II is not a multiplayer game. One of the reasons this may have happened is because forum accounts are connected to game registrations, and v_ware tried to register the game after he was suspended.

Still, it seems like a very odd situation to everyone; why would BioWare stop someone from playing a game they just bought even if that individual received a temporary ban on one of their forums? It’s plain silliness. The ban made it so that v_ware couldn’t play Dragon Age II for 72 hours. So what did he say that was so horrible?

"Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?"

Putting aside the statement, a game company should never stop someone from playing a single player game or to conduct a transaction that benefits them. It is bad customer service and bad business.

At the very least, this situation should put smart mouthed forum users on notice: if you are going to get sassy, make sure you register your new games first.

Source: Kotaku by way of Uncharted NES.

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