George Hotz PayPal Subpoena Limited to California, Court Docs Reveal

According to a number of new court documents obtained by PSX-Scene, Sony’s subpoena to obtain information on George Hotz’s PayPal account has been limited to contributions made in California. That means that Sony can get information on contributions / donations made to the PS3 Jailbreaker from California between January 1, 2009, to February 1, 2011. From court documents:

"Okay. All right. Well, then, I’ll limit it, as requested. I will limit it to documents sufficient to identify any source of funds in California that went into that PayPal account — any PayPal account associated with geohot at gmail dot com for the period January 1, ’09, to February 1, ’11. And ask the plaintiff to redraft their subpoena accordingly."

There is also some clarification in the court transcript (from Sony’s lawyer) as to what Sony will be looking for on Hotz’ personal computer:

"That’s right. We’re just trying to establish that that computer somehow hooked up to the PSN; the PlayStation Network. Additionally, we’re looking for information, such as any of the Sony Developer Kit tools that might be contained on that computer. That information would only be distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment America, and would establish contacts between SCEA and Mr. Hotz.

…at the end of the day, he would have something belonging to SCEA that he should have licensed.

And one of his contentions is that he’s not aware of Sony Computer Entertainment America being in California. And we believe that the SDK — the developer’s kit — would contain information showing him that SCEA is in California." 

Check out the document dump at PSX-Scene.

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