Only 5 Percent of Games Released in 2010 Rated M

According to data from U.S. games rating board ESRB, only about five percent of all the games released during 2010 were rated "M" for Mature. This is in stark contrast to what lawmakers and the mainstream media would have the American public believe. In their minds, most games are rated "M" and are packed with sex, violence, and depravity.

That’s about 82 titles out of 1,638 released in 2010. Mature rated games came in second to last in front of EC (Early Childhood), accounting for about one percent of 2010’s releases. The "E" for Everyone rating took the top spot with 55 percent of all releases, followed by T (Teen) with 21 percent, and E10+ (Everyone 10+) with 18 percent. While some might argue that "Mature" rated games are more prominent because they sell better, 2010’s top sellers were split evenly between E rated games and M rated games. That means that for every Black Ops game on the charts there’s a Madden NFL 11 or Wii Fit Plus right alongside it.

Source: The Escapist

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