Chiptune Artists Raise Money for Japanese Disaster Relief

Chiptune artists True Chip Till Death and Matthew "Pixelh8" Applegate are doing their part to raise much-needed funds to support Japanese disaster relief efforts through a special project called "Chip In: Japan". Chip In: Japan brings together dozens of chiptune artists, who in turn are offering a compilation of chiptune tracks to anyone willing to donate some money to the American Red Cross.

The collection of chiptune artists have managed to gather around 90 songs for the compilation – with the promise of more to come – including tracks from Bear & Walrus, Leeni, Glomag, Crashfaster, Jellica, Wizwars, and others.

This is a good cause with an awesome reward for anyone willing to give just a little money to help their brothers and sisters in Japan. You can learn more about it here.

Thanks to Game, Set, Watch for this wonderful story.

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