Apple Removes ‘Gay Cure’ App from App Store

Earlier this week we mentioned an iOS device app that purported to cure its users of homosexuality. After the national media picked up on the story and gay rights activists railed against it, Apple decided to pull the app from its App Store. The app created by ministry group Exodus International was designed, according to its creators, to "teach gay people that they have a choice when it comes to their sexuality," and that they have a choice to choose "freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus."

This did not sit well with rights groups and many wondered why Apple would let such an app be published to the App Store in the first place. The app, which is officially called "Gay Cure," was released in mid-February and had an age rating of 4+. The latest effort to get it yanked from the store came from, who launched an online petition that managed to collect over 140,000 signatures. While we’re not sure if this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Apple, it certainly had some sort of impact.

On Tuesday night Apple quietly pulled the app from its store. After its removal, Exodus International President Alan Chambers tweeted the following:

"It’s official, the @ExodusInl App is no longer in the @AppStore. Incredibly disappointing. Watch out, it could happen to you. #freedom"

Source: Edible Apple by way of Uncharted NES.

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