Gamers Heart Japan Gives Mad Love to Japan, Promotes Relief Efforts

The global video game community comes together in early April to show its love for Japan and to raise awareness for relief efforts via a special project called "Gamers Heart Japan." Gamers Heart Japan is a 60-minute special which will premiere on April 3 and will offer interviews with veteran game industry journalists from all over the world as well as some of the top video game developers on the planet. Game journalists and game makers participating will share their thoughts on the incredible work and talented creators from the Japanese videogame development scene and show how much love they have for the country that brought us some of the most iconic game characters and systems in history.

In Gamers Heart Japan interviewees will talk about the past, present and future of Japan and remind viewers that the country needs every game around the world to donate whatever they can to help the country as it struggles with the worst natural disaster in the history if the world. Donations for The Red Cross in your area can be made through the website.

Gamers Heart Japan will feature interviews and support from over 30 outlets and publications (starting April 3) including G4 (US & Canada), SCI FI Australia, SPACE (Canada), Musique Plus (Canada),,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wired’s Game | Life,,,,, (GameHunters),,,,,,, and more.

Game developers confirmed to give interviews for Gamers Heart Japan include Jade Raymond – Ubisoft Toronto – Assassin’s Creed/Splinter Cell, Dr. Greg Zeschuk – Bioware – Mass Effect/Dragon Age/Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dr. Ray Muzyka – BioWare – Mass Effect/Dragon Age/Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tim Schafer – Double Fine – Brutal Legend/Costume Quest, Cliff Bleszinski – Epic Games – Gears of War, Ted Price – Insomniac Games – Ratchet & Clank/Resistance, Siobhan Reddy – Media Molecule – LittleBigPlanet, Maxime Beland – Ubisoft Toronto – Assassin’s Creed/Splinter Cell, Todd Howard – Bethesda – Fallout 3/Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Peter Molyneux – Lionhead – Fable, Alex Rigopulos – Harmonix – Rock Band, Robin Hunicke – That Game Company – Flower/Journey, Jenova Chen – That Game Company – Flower/Journey, Evan Wells – Naughty Dog – Uncharted, Ed Boon – Netherrealm – Mortal Kombat and the legendary Sid Meier – Firaxis – Civilization. More are to be announced.

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